SmartPellet makes mill operations smoother

SmartPellet makes mill operations smoother

SmartPellet makes mill operations smoother

With the addition of a new feature for steam flow control, SmartPellet mill control software is optimizing the pelleting process better than ever before.

Patana Sinthara, managing director of P&P Control System Co Ltd, an affiliate of TAT Energy and Engineering Co Ltd, said that rather than relying on traditional temperature sensors to manage steam flow, the new system steadily maintains the correct temperature to prevent dies blocking and die slippage.


The fourth generation automated steam valve control system also reduces human error and keeps the mill running uninterrupted, reduces wear and tear on parts, and avoids costly downtime.

SmartPellet’s precise steam controlling flow meter makes mill start up easier with less errors compared to starting manually. As a result, one worker can operate more than one pellet mill at a time whereas in the past, each pellet mill needed its own operator.

SmartPellet determines optimal conditions based on feed formulas. The software controls steam and die speed, evaluates raw ingredients and looks for the best operating parameters. P&P also offers a fat addition system at the die as an option. Fat spraying works in line with the production pace.

Retention can be set as required to eliminate feed-borne pathogens.

The operator simply determines output goals in terms of tonnes/hour Then SmartPellet will calculate mash fill up rate and conditioner speed to meet the required retention time. The roller and die will operate corresponding to the output goal.

SmartPellet also reports roller speed which helps operators detect faults during operation and can slow down or halt conditioner and feeder operations to prevent die slippage and clogging. Also, roller alignment can be done in real time.

The software automatically adjusts the gap between the roller and die to an idle position to reduce wear. Too large of a clearance will affect pellet quality and output.

SmartPellet is compatible with any pellet mill and heat treatment system. For old machines, P&P Control System’s service engineers can customize the software and controls to interface with customers’ pellet mills and conditioners.

Correct working gap between roller and die is determined based on temperature and ampere readings which indicate motor load. This is achieved via a feedback mechanism where the encoder or sensor sends a signal to a programmable logic controller that processes the data and sets the optimal distance between the die and the roller. Auto gap setting prevents roller and die wear when operators need to run the pellet mill to clear out leftover feed from the die.

When the rollers resume full operation, there is no gap between the roller and dies. The sensors adjust the working gap to optimize pellet condition. The new feature avoids the hassle of setting up new parameters when starting the next formula.

The system generates reports covering capacity utilization, total tonnage/day and month, hours of use of dies, KW/hour/tonne, ampere load, and output – tonnes/hour. The software generates an e-report that is available on various platforms such as mobile phones, notepads and computers.

SmartPellet has been on the market for over 20 years and is constantly being refined to improve accuracy and reduce production costs.


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